Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mile End Residents Association has got a blog!

This is the BRAND NEW blog of the Mile End Residents Association

The area we cover

The borders covered by the Mile End Residents association is as follows - click image above for details.
  • South of Mile End Road
  • East of Burdett Road
  • North side of Bow Common Lane
  • Lockhart Street, Maritime Street, Ropery Street
  • West of Tower Hamlets Cemetery i.e. Southern Grove and Brokesley Street
Who can be a member of MERA?

If you live in a home in this area your household can be a member of the Association.

Membership of the Mile End residents association is is open all households living within the boundaries of the Association - irrespective of whether they are EastendHomes tenants, leaseholders, tenants of private landlords or owner occupiers. 

What we are about

At our inaugural meeting on 13th August 2009 we decided that Mile End Residents Association would be clear about:
  • what we are and will do
  • what we are not and what we will not do
We are.....
We are not......
Area based
NOT Estate based
Community oriented
NOT Housing only
All households - tenants, leaseholders, owner occupiers
NOT EastendHomes tenants only
Tackling ALL future planning applications
NOT just the Eric/Treby application
Completely Apolitical
NO political links
Encouraging involvement & community participation
NOT about doing things to you
Improving the quality of life where we live
NOT about accepting minimum requirements
Making things happen
NOT about putting up with things
Totally Transparent - we tell you what's happening
NOT opaque - and keeping you in the dark

Would you like to stay up to date with what's happening?

Get updates delivered to your inbox:  If you'd like to receive an update about matters affecting households living in the Mile End area please subscribe using your email address and updates will be delivered to your inbox.

You can find the subscription link in the right hand column

Read in a feedreader - there's also an option to subscribe for blog posts and/or comments in a feedreader of your choice

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