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View of the Southern Grove entrance to the Cemetery Park
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Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

This former cemetery is now the green heart of Tower Hamlets and is right next the MERA area.  It gives its name to one of the Conservation Areas within the MERA area.  

Today, it provides 33 acres of "managed" mature, broadleaved woodland and meadow. It is also a educational resource to 7000+ school children every academic year who use the Park as an outdoor classroom.

FIND OUT MORE about it on the website: http://www.towerhamletscemetery.org/

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Mile End Park
This is a long thin park which joins up all the spaces next to the Regents Canal in Mile End and Bow.  It includes several specific areas such as the Children's Play park, the Arts Park, the Ecology Park and Wennington Gardens.  Walk south to reach Limehouse and the River Thames.  Walk north to reach Roman Road and Victoria Park.

FIND OUT MORE about it on the website:  Mile End Park

Children's Park: The Children’s Centre has regular Stay and Play session between 12.30 to 3.30pm Monday to Friday for the under 5. The Play Park is committed to inclusive Play so that children with or without disabilities can play together. The Play Association Tower Hamlets, Toyhouse Libraries, Al Huda After School Club, Somalian Home Educational Children all run regular play session in the Pavilion.  The Children’s Centre, like the Ecology Centre and the Arts Pavilion, is earth sheltered and provides a home for a Stay and Play and a fantastic playground with water fountains, play equipment and a castle to climb to.  A dry river bed complete with boats and bridges, offer an imaginative sand pit.

 Adventure Park  The Adventure Park is in the south of the park and consists of an activity area designed for those aged between 11-17. It has basketball hoops, two shelters together with the latest range of equipment.  Later in 2010, the final section of the Adventure Park should come to fruition with the building of a Youth Outreach Centre offering cycling, canoeing and orienteering amongst other supervised activity (no further details as yet on the website)

Art Park

Ecology ParkThe ecology park is to rare orchids, moths and spiders and its trees, grassland and lakes are proving to be a home for water birds - moorhens, coots, ducks and herons and an increasing populations of dragon and damsel flies.
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Canals and waterways

The Regents Canal is just the other side of Mile End Park and leads to other local canals and waterways such as the Hertford Union Canal and Limehouse Cut - not to mention the River Lea and the River Thames
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    Victoria Park

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    Green Space on Eastendhomes Eric & Treby Street Estate

    The group which became MERA campaigned long and hard in 2009 to retain the green space which was being swallowed by infill development on the Eric & Treby Estate.  Sadly the Councillors did not listen to us although the designation of gardens as "brown sites" changed in 2010.

    MERA will continue to fight and campaign to retain green space and to ensure it is of good quality.

    The entire Eric & Treby Street Estate is contaminated land and the area needs to be cleaned up as well as improved in terms of the quality of the landscaping.

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    British Street Estate
    British Street: Children must not play on this site


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