Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Local Area Crime Mapping - Tower Hamlets and the MERA area

You may have seen recent news about the launch of a new crime mapping service.  For those who'd like to see what the results look like for the MERA area:
  1. This is the link to the website - http://www.police.uk/
  2. HOWEVER, the website crashed this morning as it got 5 million hits an hour from people all around the UK trying to find out what it said about their area - indicating the amount of interest in crime management in local areas
  3. The addresses recognised by the system are nothing like those that we use to describe where we live Mile End Rd, Poplar, Greater London E1 4, UK.  Hence you might need to be patient and a little ingenious in finding the query which works for your address!
  4. We did manage to get an insight into what it looked for the MERA area before the system crashed.  This indicates Eric Street as a "hot spot"- which will come as no surprise to the residents of Eric Street who have had reason to call the police on a number of occasions.
Crime map for the MERA area (western section of Mile End East ward)
Reports shown on the map are broken down into six categories: violent crimes, burglary, robberies (ie muggings), vehicle crimes and “other” crimes, as well as reported cases of antisocial behaviour.
  • Click here and enter your postcode.
  • Click here to see crime and antisocial behaviour statistics for Mile End.
  • and click here to see a break down street by street.
Next Drop-in surgery is today – 1st February 2011, 7:00p.m. at Kira Buildings Bow Road E3 (ie Tesco).

More about our 
Neighbourhood Policing Team here.

We can also get a very good picture of what the relative level of crime in the MERA area is from the crime mapping service offered by the Metropolitan Police.

From this you can see that we experience "average" crime levels compared to the rest of the Metropolitan area.

Crime map of Tower Hamlets

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