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Unacceptable Brick proposed for Brokesley Street (site 10)

MERA has been trying to see what the materials proposed for the various Eastendhomes newbuild sites actually look like for quite some time. 

In fact ever since consultation started in April on PA/10/00720 relating to condition 10 (material samples) and the request to vary the materials to be used for NEW BUILD at Site 10 (Brokesley Street), site 12 (Beckley House), site 14 (Ropery/Eric Street) - on the Eric & Treby Estat.

Below is the schedule of proposed materials for Site 10 (right click to see a larger version).  Links in the brick names below are to the photographs of the specific brick as part of the Site Materials Set on the MERA Flickr account.

Our initial conclusions were that the proposed brick for Site 10 in Brokesley Street (Ibstock Funton Orchard Mix was unsuitable as it was far too red.  It failed to reflect the yellow London stock brick used for the nineteenth century houses opposite and the terraced houses on the eastern side of the street - next to the site of the proposed new family houses.

This was stated in MERA's formal response to the planning application (see below)  We also asked to see a better presentation of the building materials.
Site 10 Brokesley Street:    The suggested brick Ibstock Funton Orchard Mixture (no stock code listed but stock no. 4051 ) is unsatisfactory as it does not appear to us to provide a close match to the brick of the adjacent maisonettes or the (cleaned) houses opposite ALL of which are built in a brick with a distinct yellowish cast associated with London Stock. Based on the sample brick supplied, it appears to have much more of a reddish cast. Google also says there is no such thing as Funton Orchard Mixture 4051. We were also unable to identify the brick proposed on the manufacturer's site. We haven't been able to identify any buildings or see any photographs of buildings which have used this exact brick (bearing in mind there are several with similar names). 

In order to avoid mongrelisation of the street ("any old brick will do") we'd want to see a brick being used which provides a good match with the predominantly yellow London Stock bricks in the street. The 1960s development sought to have bricks which 'fit' with the Victorian Buildings and the new "pastiche" houses need to do the same.  We've managed to identify a brick on the Ibstock site which appears to us to look a lot more like the brick used in Brokesley Street - this is Ibstock Funton Orchard Mixture - Yellow. (ie the critical word is Yellow!) The Stock ID is 4211 . 

We'd be interested to know English Heritage's views about the proposed bricks
MERA response to PA/10/00720 (materials)
After waiting for some weeks, two small brick walls have appeared in Brokesley Street and we can now show you what one of the proposed materials look like.  However......
  • The walls are not labelled in any way.  
  • No information is provided as to how residents can comment on the proposed materials.

 The brick on the left is Ibstock Funton Orchard Mix.  It is WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE
The brick on the right is Danehill Yellow Facings.  This is a reasonable match - and is acceptable

However the two walls have demonstrated very clearly the point we made in response to the application for approval of details re planning condition 10 (site materials)

Brokesley Street forms part of the Tower Hamlets Cemetary Conservation Area.  The priority for the street is a development which is sympathetic to the houses which have contributed to this area being designated a Conservation Area.  The residents of Brokesley Street do not want bricks which look out of place.

BOTH of the existing terraces are built in a traditional yellow London Stock brick.  (see the photo of the bricks on Lincoln House opposite)

The bricks for the new houses MUST be a good fit with
  • the existing brick of the terrace of early Victorian houses on the west of the street and 
  • the terrace of 60s houses on the east side of the street.  

Thus the proposed brick - the Ibstock Funton Orchard Mix is totally UNACCEPTABLE.  It has the appearance of a reddish fletton brick.

The Danehill Yellow Facings brick appears to be a much better fit and a more acceptable brick.

The proposed brick for the string course is Ibstock Atlas Smooth Blue. In principal this is a good proposal given the string brick used in the Hanover Court entrance and building opposite Site 10. It looks like it might be a good fit. However we have still not seen in this brick in situ.

Entrance to Hanover Court development - opposite Site 10, Brokesley Street
dark grey/blue bricks used for string course

What you now need to do

We suggest the residents of all the properties in Brokesley most affected by the choice of bricks for Site 10 should now write and comment on the proposals.

You can:
  • either contact the Planning Case Officer Richard Murrell in writing ie his email is his name with a dot in the middle plus @towerhamlets.gov.uk  (I'm not writing it in full to avoid him being swamped with spam!)
  • or you can leave a comment on the website for the particular application - follow this link and then write your comments where it says "Make a general comment."

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