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EastendHomes Residents Associations
    Children and Families
    Leisure Centre

    Local Churches and prayer facilities in Mile End 
    • East London Tabernacle Baptist Church (Baptist) Burdett Road, Mile End. London E3 4TU 
    • The Guardian Angels (Roman Catholic) 377 Mile End Road,London E3 4QS
    • Mile End Mosque (Muslim) 241 – 243 Mile End Road, London E1 4AA
    • British Estate Islamic Centre 6 Merchant Street E3 4LP
    Local Green Spaces
    Local NHS and Hospitals
    Local Trades People .....more coming soon!
    Older People
    • LB Tower Hamlets Services for Older People Tower Hamlets provides a range of services to help older people live independently in their own homes. Care in a residential or nursing home is available, if this best meets an individual's needs.
    • Information about over 50s art & leisure within the borough
    • Age Concern Tower Hamlets Direct provision of services to older people in need | Social Advocacy and campaigning with and on behalf of older people  |  Innovation and research into the needs of older people, pioneering projects and looking at new ways to address problems.
      Noise Abatement

      Tower Hamlets Council should be able to help with most forms of noise pollution
      We can help with most problems, complaints or enquiries concerning residential and commercial noise, including the following:
      • DIY, amplified music, musical instruments, domestic appliances, leisure activities, hobbies, parties
      • car alarms (including breaking into vehicles to disarm the alarm)
      • burglar alarms (including entering buildings to switch off the alarm)
      • construction (including serving notices and taking action through the courts)
      • street noise, for example, stationary vehicles with engines running, refrigerator units, car repairs, audio systems in stationary vehicles.
      Public Realm - the state of streets and pavements
      • General.Enquiries@towerhamlets.gov.uk is the email to contact the council - but it's nowhere near as fast as FixmyStreet if you want a problem in the street fixed fast!  
      • Fixmystreet - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Report, view, or discuss local problems (like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting).  You can monitor your request on the website and this site generally generates very fast response times.  We think that fact that the problem is broadcast and recorded on the website is what generates the fast response times.  Mile End is filling up with incidents flagged up my MERA!
      • Living Streets  Living Streets want local people to work with their council to strip their street of clutter and co-ordinate street furniture like bins and lights as well as activities like bin collections.
      • Tower Hamlets Council links to:
        Police/Safe Neighbourhood Team
        Freedom of Information
        • Whatdotheyknow.com - To help you find out inside information about what the UK government is doing. You choose the public authority that you would like information from, then write a brief note describing what you want to know. We then send your request to the public authority. Any response they make is automatically published on the website for you and anyone else to find and read. 
        • UK Freedom of Information Blog
        • Freedom of Information campaign's Users' Guide (pdf file)
        Tower Hamlets - Planning
        Tower Hamlets - Strategic Planning

        Other EastendHomes Residents Associations
        • Bede Estate
        • British Street Estate
        • Glamis Estate
        • Holland Estate
        • St George's Estate
        • Christchurch Estate
        Higher Education  
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