Sunday, 11 July 2010

Blackwall Tunnel Closure Farce - The FAQs

The Blackwall Tunnel is closed this weekend. But you'd never guess given the lack of signs around the borough at points where people can divert to other routes.

The following notice on the TfL website is words and NOT action!  See if you can spot a sign.
Advanced warning signs advising northbound traffic to use Tower Bridge or Blackwall Tunnel will be on all approach roads
Transport for London
Question: WHERE are the signs around Mile End warning people to avoid the Blackwall Approach Road this weekend?

Answer: NOWHERE!
Question: WHERE are the signs around Mile End warning people to go to the Rotherhithe Tunnel this weekend if they want to go south of the river?

Answer: NOWHERE!

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Question: Why are the webcams at the site of the traffic jams suddenly "not available for operational reasons?

Answer: Because TfL don't want people to see/record just how bad their traffic management is

Question:  How many times do we get monumental traffic jams around Mile End when the Blackwall Tunnel is closed?

Answer:  EVERY TIME!

Question: Does anybody on LBTH Council ever take an interest in how much fumes residents breathe when the Tunnel is closed/blocked and the traffic in the borough is stationery/very slow moving?

Answer:  That's a very good question.

MERA is going try and find out from the two relevant statutory agencies (Transport for London / Tower Hamlets Council) why the Tunnel closure is managed so badly given the adverse impact it has on environmental pollution due to the vast numbers of stationery cars going nowhere fast.

In the meantime, the two relevant councillors for Health and Wellbeing / Healthy Communities - who SHOULD be taking an interest in the number of traffic jams and AVOIDABLE pollution experienced by residents of Tower Hamlets - are:
Then there's the small matter of the hours and hours wasted by local people stuck in the traffic jams - never mind those passing through...........

We will be trying to identify who is responsible and how you can tell them what you think BEFORE the next Tunnel Closure NEXT WEEKEND.

  • A local resident took 5 HOURS to reach an address in mid Kent die to the chaos on the roads in Tower Hamlets.  This involved 30 minutes stuck in the Rotherhithe Tunnel with engines emitting exhaust fumes all the time - which has got to constitute some sort of health and safety hazard
  • The return journey from an aborted attempt to do the weekend supermarket shop took 1.5 hours for another local resident
  • Bus lanes were not suspended on Saturday despite the fact they were empty right next to very long queues of cars
  • Docklands 24 article: Facebook users angry at Blackwall Tunnel weekend chaos
FURIOUS motorists have voiced their anger at another weekend of Blackwall Tunnel-related congestion. 

The southbound tunnel was shut due to planned engineering works, with drivers heading into south London offered the exclusive use of the Rotherhithe Tunnel.  But when that option was closed due to an accident, major tailbacks developed and the roads quickly became congested.

Members of the 'Blackwall Tunnel Protest Group' on Facebook described the chaos they suffered on east London roads.
  • you can read the comments by people affected by the closures and incredibly poor traffic management on the wall of the Blackwall Tunnel Protest Group on Facebook

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