Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why fly tipping on Eric & Treby is unhealthy and hazardous

MERA is very hot on reporting fly tipping in the Mile End area and in particular on the Eric and Treby Estate (which includes Bow Trinity) where it gets very bad at times.  

We report dumped rubbish by using the website FixMyStreet.  We've found that this tends to produce the fastest and most effective response by the waste collection contractors employed by Tower Hamlets Council.  That could be because the response is monitored on a website which is accessible to all and where the complaint gets updated as to whether or not it's been fixed - for all to see!

Primary problems relating to fly tipping on or near the Eric and Treby Estate are:
  • FIRE - dumped and flammable rubbish becomes a magnet for those "little boys" who like to play with matches.  It can potentially cause a very real hazard to people's homes
  • RATS - rats and other animals congregate around rubbish which includes dumped food left out in bags
Yesterday we had an example outside Windermere House of why fly tipping is so dangerous if not reported and addressed very promptly.
Large amount of rubbish dumped at the entrance of Windermere House on an EastendHomes Estate in E3.
Yesterday evening Friday) firemen were called to extinguish fire here.

FixMyStreet - Reported in the Refuse collection category by Mile End Residents at 12:07, Saturday 8 October 2011
Prior to this last week we saw some very poor practice in relation to commercial premises at the top end of Eric Street which had every prospect of attracting rats to an area which is adjacent to residential properties and an old people's residential care home.
Pile of dumped rubbish rotting in the sun at 568a Eric Street - between the BT exchange and the betting shop.

Fix My Street - Reported in the Dumped rubbish category by Mile End Residents at 16:58, Monday 3 October 2011
This was fixed by Tuesday morning.

More reports about dumped rubbish and overflowing bins

Other reports on Fix My Street relating to rubbish and reported by MERA include the following.  Note that they have all been fixed!
If you'd like to try using FixMyStreet for yourself and would like some guidance get in touch with mERA (see side panel) and we'll show you how you can report dumped rubbish on the street online.  You need your own access to the Internet to do this.

It's a Bow Trinity problem too!

We invite Telford Homes and those trying to sell the new private accommodation in Bow Trinity to also help local residents address this problem - because otherwise Bow Trinity will become associated with rampant waste management problems in the area!  It all looks a bit different to their website!

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