Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Thames Water: 24" burst water main affecting East London

At lunchtime today a 24" water main belonging to Thames Water burst in Wick Lane near the Olympic Park. As a result most of East London is without tap water.
  • The burst water main flooded the Central Line in the Mile End Area - which led to the suspension of all services between Bethnal Green and Leytonstone (BBC Tube suspended on Central Line due to burst pipe).  Passengers had to be led off the trains in the tunnel.
  • We know that some properties within the Mile End area were affected and were without water for some hours.
  • To date there is no timescale for the water coming back on re all properties affected - although properties in Mile End now seem to have water again
The last time this happened, properties were without water for several hours.  Those in tower blocks had to wait longer to get their water back as RSLs were not making a pump restart a priority.

Current Update 5:05pm

Yet again we have to report that Thames Water is not on top of its communication with its customers.

#1:  This is the current message on the Thames Water website.  It was not updated by the time indicated
E3: Burst water main
Message last updated: Wednesday 6 June - 1.32pm.
Impact on customers
Customers in E3 may be without water. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Current status
We are currently investigating the problem and will provide a time when we think it will be fixed as soon as possible.
Next message update
4.55pm on Wednesday 6 June.
#2  This is the map of Live Problems on the Thames Water website.  The area outlined on the map is much smaller than the area actually affected - as per the chap on the phone at Thames Water.

#3  Thames water has yet to learn how to use Twitter effectively to keep residents updated about what is going on.  This is its Twitter account!/thameswater. It took a direct tweet by MERA to get a response and update from Thames Water! If you are still affected and have a Twitter account we suggest you tweet asking them when you'll get your water back.

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