Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Broke Club: Noise and more noise on opening weekend

The licence has been granted and Broke London opened this Saturday 29th May (Broke London Website)


Here at broke london we like to provide our guest with a premium service. Parking for any London Club is going to be a nightmare so Broke provides both a Valet Parking Service and free parking nearby in Toby Lane. You can follow the signs from the Club or see our interactive map below.

Broke respectfully requests that all guests leave the venue quietly. We’re located in a residential area and we ask you to respect our neighbours.

Meeting Pre-opening - 26th May

We had a constructive meeting at the Club on 26th May. Residents met with Benn Wilson (Club Manager). Kathy Driver (LBTH Acting Principal Licensing Officer) and Andy Jackson (Met Police) were bith able to attend.

Clearly our preference was not to have the club, and we are all bitterly dissapointed that the magistrate found in favour of Broke London.

However we all now have to accept that the club has opened and that we need to monitor the situation carefully.

We need to keep in touch with each other so that we are all informed about developments, and, in particular, about any disturbances.

Benn Wilson invited us to contact him personally and immediately if there are disturbances:-

He will also arrange a mobile phone hotline to the head of security at the club. We have agreed to another meeting at the Club on 29th June to review the situation.

Benn Wilson is well aware that we will all be monitoring the situation very closely indeed and are determined to maintain / achieve our QuietNights

Bank Holiday Weekend - Opening

The official opening night was Saturday 29th May

On Sunday 30th the club had a special event under its Special Events Licence (marketed under the Deluded brand - jointly owned by Ben Wilson) We were told by Mr Wilson that initially for the first couple of months he will not be operating a full program of events permitted under the license.

Noise from Broke Club

Unfortunately on Sunday night residents directly behind the Broke London club living in Wentworth Mews on the Eric Estate report that bass thumping could be heard from the club. Ben Wilson (Manager) came up the block and agreed that there was a disturbance.

It appears that the bass seems to be louder on the upper floors of Wentworth Mews than at ground level. Mr Wilson determined that the possible cause was a couple of boarded up windows that would need to be bricked in to increase sound insulation. Reports are that Mr Wilson's response indicated that he had taken matters on board and was keen to remedy the situation.

Noise & nuisance levels outside the cab office which caused considerable disturbance under the previous owner were not a problem. Though this could be early days and maybe the club was not up to full capacity.

Noise in Aberavon Road

Despite the numerous posters around the Grove Road/Burdett Road junction pointing directions to the 'Broke London Free Parking", people living in Aberavon Road report that they were woken up by streams of loud clubbers walking down Aberavon Road on both arrival and departure.

Both Wentworth Mews, Eric Street and Aberavon road are precisely the areas which are supposed to be protected from noise through the conditions on the licence granted

Click here for Broke parking info

Broke  parking

Continued vigilance

ALL the residents associations, - Mile End Residents Association, Mile End Old Town Residents Association, Ocean Estate Residents association and the Quiet Nights organisation - will continue to scrutinise, photograph, video and log all the events which disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the residential amenity of surrounding streets.

We will also be providing updates on our websites and blogs and sending comments to the Licensing Officer and raising matters with the Safe Neighbourhood Team.

Anti-social and rowdy behaviour

which wakes local residents will NOT be tolerated

Click the link here to send any information and comments

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