Saturday, 5 June 2010

Broke Club - Terms of the Licence

The terms of the licence for the Broke Club include the following......

(Broke London): 562a Mile End Road, London E3 4PH

Licensable activities authorised by the licence:
  • The sale by retail of alcohol
  • The provision of regulated entertainment consisting of Films, Live music, Recorded music, Performance of dance and anything of similar nature. Provision of facilities for making music, dancing and similar.
  • The provision of late night refreshment
  • The times the licence authorises the carrying out of licensable activities: Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 hours to 03:00 hours
  • The opening hours of the premises: Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 hours to 03:30 hours
  • 25. The premises will at all times when they are trading have a mini cab resident co-ordinator stationed inside the premises to book taxis from within the premises as requested by guests.
  • 26. All persons who have ordered taxis or are waiting for taxis shall wait in the holding area on the ground floor and on the arrival of the taxi will be escorted to their taxi.
  • 27. The premises will provide a free valet parking service at all times when the premises are trading, the valet will drive the car from the club and provide the guest with a parking tag. On presentation of the tag the guests car will be driven back to the club for collection by the guest.
  • 28. If tickets are sold prior to an event at the premises, the ticket will be clearly marked that if the guest is travelling by car, the guest will need to produce both their ticket and valet parking tag in order to gain entry to the premises.
  • 29. All valet parking attendants will wear florescent jackets with FREE VALET PARKING marked on the jackets.
Annex 3 - Conditions attached after a hearing by the licensing authority / Condition as imposed by District Judge (23/25th March 2010):
  • 30. To provide secure and attended parking facilities for one hundred (100) cars within a radius of 700 metres of the premises.

ALL CLUBBERS' CARS are supposed to be parked in the secure car parking facilities. The District Judge made this a condition of the licence to avoid local residents being disturbed and woken by the noise of clubbers returning to their cars in the small hours.

What to do if there is a disturbance
  1. Call the Council's Out of Hours Hotline for Noise Nuisance during unsocial hours 0207 364 7070 if you are being woken by a noise nuisance eg loud music or antisocial behaviour in the street.  This operates until 4am.  State where you live, where the noise is coming from and the nature of the noise which is causing a disturbance.  
  2. Call the Council's Anti-social Behaviour Hotline: 0800 917 5918 - This is a 24 hour freephone number. To report any kind of anti-social behaviour anonymously; including verbal and physical abuse and threats, harassment, criminal activity, vandalism, graffiti and damage to property, noise nuisance or continuous environmental health issues. Your information will be passed on to the appropriate council team to report and action if necessary
  3. Call the Police non emergency hotline 0300 123 1212 if people are being rowdy or displaying anti-social behaviour during unsocial hours
  4. Call the Police on 999 if violence or intimidation has taken place as a resut of people going to or coming from club
  5. Make a complaint in writing to Kathy Driver, Acting Principal Licensing Officer for Tower Hamlets Council.  The number of complaints received are influential in determining licensing of premises so it's important people write.  This can be via email to 
  6. The licensee, Benn Wilson, is on call to deal with any queries arising from a disturbance associated with the club. Should you be affected by one and need his mobile number please email us at  Please note we do not operate 24 hours so if you have experienced disturbance and want the number please call NOW! 

Anti-social and rowdy behaviour
which wakes local residents will NOT be tolerated in Mile End
Click the link here to send any information and comments

Please also contact Mile End Residents Association the next day
- social hours only please!
MERA Hotline No (talk or text) 07932 626340

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