Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Planning permission for parking 100 cars?

One of the critical aspects of the recent licence for the Broke Club - now operating at 562 Mile End road - is that it is unable to operate unless it has secured car parking spaces for 100 cars. Those 100 cars have to be legally parked in spaces granted planning permission.

The 40 car-parking spaces at 26 Bow Road are ancillary to the office use at that address. On this basis the rear of 26 Bow Road is not authorised to be used as a car-parking area for Broke London.

Cllr Peck is asking the Council to use its planning enforcement powers to investigate and stop the car park being used for anything other than that for which it has planning permission.

Below is the text of a recent post in the news section of the Quiet Night website. The Quiet Night campaign led the fight by local residents north and south of Mile End Road againt the granting of a licence for a club at 562 Mile End Road.
I spoke to planning officers today who are looking into shutting down the car park at 26 Bow Road and informing licensing officers that they have done that. The licensing and planning processes are legally separate so, until the car park becomes unusable, it can still meet the licence condition whether or not it has planning permission.

In addition, I understand from one resident that 26 Bow Road is totally taken up by used cars and not available. I have asked Kathy to check this out and also to confirm how many cars can actually be parked at Toby Lane.

Furthermore, I've been corresponding with her about the extremely loud noise coming from the club this weekend and have received the response below:
Dear Councillor Peck,

Thank you for passing this information. I will pass your query to the Environmental Health Officer as we need to establish if the problem lies with Broke or with the other club at the rear. I understood all sound checks had taken place and that additional sound insulation was put in when the works were done to the premises. The problems with noise escape from Broke has not been a problem in the past only egress. I will discuss this with Environmental Health and ask them to let you know if complaints were received on the out of hours service. I have not rececived any emails of complaint as yet.

Kathy Driver
Acting Principal Licensing Officer
It's clearly ridiculous to suggest that it might be the Backstreet that caused that noise, given that that's operated without problem for the whole time Broke has been shut and I am pushing on this point. Licensing officers might be more inclined to go and check this out this weekend if they receive complaints from residents who experienced the noise.

As ever, I'll come back to you as I get further information.

Cllr Joshua Peck
Bow West 07887 990 735

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