Wednesday, 16 June 2010

British Street: Children must not play on this site

New play areas for children were promised by EastendHomes when decisions were being taken about the future of the British Street Estate (to the east of St Clements Hospital Site). This was reiterated in planning applications and project plans.
...plans for the complete transformation of the environmental quality of the estate, introducing over-cladding of buildings, green space enhancements and new children’s play areas.
Leaside Regeneration project - British Street Estate for clients EastendHomes and Telford Homes plc (pdf file)
The reality is somewhat different. Unfortunately children are not currently allowed to play in some of the so called "play area" on the refurbished British Street Estate.

British Street landscaping - condemned on Health & Safety grounds
The sign says: Children must not play on this site

That's because the "landscaping" created by the developers has failed to meet the standards required to pass a health and safety inspection.

Hence the fencing and the sign warning "Children must not play on this site"

In addition no expense was spared in using spare building materials (a sewer pipe?) to create the play area. Supposedly covered by grass - but with little regard for the depth of soil or care that grass needs to actually grow!

I wonder why the grass won't grow?
This is a so-called play space!

Residents of the Eric & Treby Street Estate can be reassured that MERA will be paying very close attention to ALL proposals for ALL landscaping on the Eric And Treby Street Estate including:
  • all design aspects
  • all materials used
  • all deviations from original plans as approved by the Strategic Development Committee
The above scenes will NOT be seen on the Eric & Treby Street Estate.

Note: The British Street Estate was redeveloped by Leaside Regeneration and Telford Homes plc

If you have any queries please contact MERA
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