Friday, 18 June 2010

WHY the Eric & Treby Construction Management Plan was refused

WHY was the Construction Management Plan for the Eric & Treby redevelopment by EastendHomes rejected by Tower Hamlets Council?

The reasons why Tower Hamlets Planning refused approval of the Project Management Plan and the Traffic Management Plan produced by Telford Homes are now detailed on the Council's Online Planning Database under PA/10/704 - Construction Management Plan
Submission of details pursuant to condition 5 (construction management plan) of planning permission dated 22nd March 2010, reference PA/09/2065.
Below are some extracts from the notice and report.
The submitted documentation is considered inadequate and does not satisfactorily demonstrate that protential adverse impacts during the construction phases are adequately mitigated against. In particular the submitted plan does not fully consider how vehicles will safely access construction sites and how pedestrian safety around construction sites will be maintained.

The Applicant is reminded that Condition 5 must be discharged prior to the commencement of development works on the site
Letter from Jerry Bell, Strategic Applications Manager, Tower Hamlets Council
The Delegated Report on reasons for refusal indicates that:
  • Transport for London are not satisfied that the condition has been discharged given the lack of information about the logistics of access to the sites by construction vehicles. the objection was maintained even after words were submitted to go with the very scrappy map which was the entire content of their Traffic Management Plan at the date of submission of the application (see Telford Homes's Traffic Access Plan for Mile End)
  • The report notes that the submitted plans fail to indicate fully how construction traffic will enter sites and what measures will be taken to protect pedestrian safety
  • The issues concerning the proposed entrance to the St Clements were noted as very narrow and the impact on traffic movements on Mile End Road have not been detailed
  • some of the submitted information relates to the Bede Estate
  • responses have not been received to further requests for information relating to the Construction Management Plan
MERA continues to maintain a constructive dialogue with Tower Hamlets Planning Department in relation to the identification of issues and seeking their resolution. This blog helps to illustrate the sort of issues which we are identifying on the site.

We're also happy to post photographs of the results of our efforts!

New entrance to Telford Homes Construction Site at base of Ennerdale House
New entrance to Telford Homes Construction Site at base of Ennerdale House


We'd like to thank all the residents of the British Street Estate, Beed Estate and St Georges Estates who all warned us about the sloppy conduct of the construction and redevelopment on their Estates and the various breaches of planning conditions.

MERA is absolutely determined that we are NOT going to allow planning conditions to be breached during the course of the Eric & Treby development.

Construction Vehicle Access at base of Ennerdale House
Construction Vehicle Access at base of Ennerdale House

Our cameras are at the ready and we are busy documenting what's happening to the estate and environment of the Eric & Treby Estate.

Keep up to date with photos about the Redevelopment of Eric & Treby Street Estate on our Flickr account - Mile End Residents

If you have any queries please contact MERA
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