Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Do you want to comment on details of the Redevelopment?

It would appear that certain individuals who really ought to know better are suggesting that local people should not be speaking out about aspects of the redevelopment of the Eric & Treby Estate.

More specifically they are very unhappy about MERA speaking out about the infringements of planning permission and the unlawful development of sites before all the pre-commencement of construction planning conditions have been satisfied.

Let's be very clear about this

the Council's consultation is with the public
all planning applications are public

Now it's clearly the case that not everybody will have the same perspective however that's fine.  The Planning Officers will consider all representations and comments and decide which are relevant and which are not.

The important thing is for local people to hold organisations which are responsible for our homes and environment to account for actions they propose taking.  We SHOULD comment if we feel what they say is wrong. 

That's what you do in a democracy.  
It's the British way of doing things and long may it continue!

Three more applications for approval of details have been published

These can be accessed via the website or via the Redevelopment page of this blog where we keep track of all the various applications and their current status.  These are:
  1. CONDITION 18a - Energy Efficiency: PA/10/01395 - Approval of Details - comment deadline 5th August 2010
  2. CONDITION 4 - Service and Delivery strategyPA/10/01352  - Approval of Details  comment deadline 5th August 2010
  3. CONDITION 28 - Visibility splaysPA/10/01396 - Approval of details comment deadline 5th August 2010
The deadline for comments is 5th August 2010

Consultation is with the public

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