Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Highways #1: Vehicles with no parking permit

Parking Infringement: Telford plc's vehicles 
parked in Residents Parking Bay at 8.30 this morning

Somebody at EastendHomes / Telford Homes plc needs to wake up to the fact that NONE of the roads on the Eric & Treby Estate at Mile End are "estate roads".   They are all roads which have been adopted by the Council. 

Registration No. EU56 GUJ
parked in Residents' permit holders only parking bay at 8.30am

This means that:
  • all the normal highways and parking regulations apply.
  • Telford Homes needs to comply with Tower Hamlets "rules" not EastendHomes "rules".
  • the only vehicles which can be parked in "residents permit holder only" parking bays are ones which (1) belong to residents and (2) have a residents' parking permit or (3) are using a scratchcard of the type made available only to residents (ie for works organised by residents). 
  • Non-residents without a residents' scratchcard and commercial vehicles cannot use residents parking bays.
There was no evidence this morning that
  • this parking bay has been suspended (ALWAYS very clearly marked by Highways - there was no notice under the permit sign and no visible evidence on the pavement that the parking bay was suspended between fixed points).
  • The Dumper Truck (Vehicle Registration No EU56 GUJ) had a parking permit.
We're going to
  • send a link to this blog post to Tower Hamlets Parking Services. 
  • have a word with Highways.

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