Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Highways #2: This parking bay is NOT suspended

Yet again, MERA needs to remind EastendHomes and Telford Homes plc that NONE of the roads on the Eric & Treby Estate are Estate Roads

Site 12 English Street: Illegal use of constructors' barriers to prevent parking 
in a Tower Hamlets Council residents only parking bay

The obstacles in the above photograph are illegal.  This is what it says on Tower Hamlets website about obstructions to roads and pavements
Obstructions to roads & pavements

It is illegal to obstruct the road. If somebody unlawfully assumes ownership of areas of a road, they are breaking the law. If a person, without lawful authority or excuse, in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a road, they are also guilty of an offence.

In such cases the council, as the highway authority, has legal powers to enforce their removal.
Only Tower Hamlets Council can suspend one of its own parking bays.  Suspending parking bays cannot be accomplished by a third party putting large obstacles - such as constructors' barriers in the bay. 

A parking bay is also only suspended IF it is displaying a copy of the notice citing the relevant legislation and contact details.   The only way a parking bay can be suspended at short notice is if it's for an emergency (eg a gas leak) which requires, for example, utility vehicles to attend.  Short notice suspension does NOT apply to planned building works.

The Tower Hamlets website also says

Any building materials that block the pavement cause an obstruction to pedestrians, and are potentially dangerous. If you encounter any of the following problems please report them using our online form:
  • skips / scaffolding / advertising boards blocking the pavement
  • no barriers around street works / roadworks
  • banners or bunting causing an obstruction, or
  • any other building materials blocking the pavement, or building work that is endangering pedestrians.
Hoarding has been erected without any display of the required licence and without any consultation with residents and tenants as to the impact on local people including those with disabilities.

All works on the Eric & Treby Street site should proceed according to a shedule which should provide adequate time to apply for the appropriate licence and communicate with residents as to what is planned - allowing sufficient time for residents to make comments and plans to be revised accordingly.

Construction Management Plan and Consultation with Local Residents

One of the reasons why the Construction Management Plan was REFUSED was because of the inadequate consideration given to the management of site traffic, the separation of pedestrian routes from the site works and the general health and safety of local residents.  MERA has been highlighting causes for concern to Planning every week.

Planning have confirmed to MERA that EastendHomes agents need to submit another Construction and Management Plan for approval BEFORE any works above ground can commence on ANY of the sites.

Such a plan will be subject to consultation with residents.

MERA will be encouraging residents to write in and comment on the handling of matters relating to site traffic, parking bays and pavements during the consultation period.  

It's also very likely that we will also submit a petition - so watch this space!

(talk or text) 07932 626340

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