Thursday, 15 July 2010

This construction site is UNSAFE!

Next week the schools break up.  There will be small children playing all over EastendHomes' Eric & Treby Estate - in the middle of what we currently regard as an unsafe construction site run by Telfords Homes plc .

Yesterday, we found the gates to the site compound at the base of Ennerdale House to be wide open.  Inside was a large construction vehicle and contaminated ground which has been broken up.

So we took a photograph of the vehicle.........

 .....and the wide open gates to the site at the base of Ennerdale House.....

but then the driver spotted a MERA rep. with a camera (yet again) taking yet more photographs of things that are not as they should be.

Of course we wouldn't need to take photos of a site which was meeting all the Health and Safety Regulations for Construction Sites - but this one doesn't.......

..........and at this point the driver decided it might be a good idea to close the gates

Those would be the ones with the sign which 
clearly says "children must not play on this site" 
when the gates are closed!

We've made the point repeatedly to the Council that this site - as currently run - ignores planning permission, planning conditions, health and safety regulations and is UNSAFE.

This morning, we've invited the Council to consider again what they need to do to make with this site safe BEFORE the schools break up - next week.

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