Monday, 19 July 2010

Two Formal Investigations: Planning Enforcement / Health & Safety

As a result of our various serious concerns about the development of the Eric & Treby Estate by Telfords Homes plc, Mile End Residents Association (MERA) has made formal written representations to:
 Below we set out their responses to date.
    Tower Hamlets - Planning Investigation and Enforcement

    The detail of planning permission and planning conditions is not optional.  It's there to ensure that all developments comply with all relevant law, regulations and local planning policy.  In doing so the Planning Department ensures that developments protect, as required, the health, safety and amenity of local residents.

    MERA wrote to the Head of Planning and Development Control detailing various concerns about breaches of the planning conditions.

    As a result of MERA's representations, the Head of Planning and Development Control commissioned an investigation of MERA's concerns about breaches of the planning permission and planning conditions for the redevelopment of the Eric & Treby Estate at Mile End.

    The intention was to take enforcement action to remedy any breaches.

    Council officers met with the developers, Telfords Homes plc in an onsite meeting on 7th July and then visited the site again on 15th July.

    MERA has now received a letter from the Planning Enforcement Officer conducting the investigation.
    The letter covers a number of issues so this week the MERA blog will have a series of posts about what the letter says and a summary of what this means.

    We'll include links to ALL the subsequent posts in this post once these are published.
    The developers have been warned that failure to adhere to the requests made to or to respond may result in enforcement action being taken.

      LB Tower Hamlets Planning Enforcement Letter 16th July 2010 (3 pages)

      Health and Safety Executive Investigation

      We've received confirmation from the Manager of the Complaints Team at the HSE that he is satisfied from the evidence we have supplied that there is sufficient evidence for an investigation of infringements of health and safety regulations relating to construction sites.

      The Operations Team local to Tower Hamlets have accepted the case.  We understand an investigation will be taking place shortly.

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