Monday, 19 March 2012

LBTH, Riney and Preston Paving get it wrong!

Q.  Why does Mile End Residents Association have to keep highlighting the various ways in which statutory authorities and their contractors keep ignoring local residents?

A.  Because LBTH Highways and Utilities and their contractors continue to IGNORE ignoring the rights and needs of local residents - and the relevant legislation!

Riney Highways Works for LBTH without permits_190312_0002
Pavement dug up BUT
no permit for highways works,
no permit for works vehicles in the street,
no permit to suspend pavement,
no safe alternative for pedestrians marked out.
This morning we've had yet another incident which blocked access into and out of Brokesley Street - while  Preston Paving Services Ltd, on behalf of the Riney, on behalf of the Council dug up a pavement to create a new pavement.

GN06 NZO parked on double yellow line - Riney Highways Works for LBTH without permits_190312_0006
Large Riney JCB registration number GN06 NZO
parked on double yellow line on 19th March 2012

You can see photographs on Flickr of:
  • a total lack of any permits in the street to notify residents and local businesses BEFORE OR DURING THE WORKS that:
    • parking bays are suspended
    • a pavement is suspended
    • where to walk instead
  • a large JCB parked on double yellow lines\
  • a large JCB stationery and blocking the road

Riney Highways Works for LBTH without permits_190312_0009
Large JCB registration number GN06 NZO
totally blocks Brokesley Street on 19th March 2012.
This is planned work - not emergency work!
Just the planning and the permits which are totally lacking
  • a Preston Paving Services Vehicle parked in a parking bay which it has no permit to use - according to the lack of permit displayed

Riney Highways Works for LBTH without permits_190312_0015
No parking permit for this truck displayed in the street. 
No suspension of parking bay displayed
One lady we spoke to - who was sat in her car waiting to leave the street - said she'd been blocked while trying to enter the street and was now blocked again while trying to exit it!

The man from Telfords (who have built the new homes for EastendHomes) had absolutely no knowledge of the works - which completely blocked access to one of the homes which they were still working in.  They had to cancel works they had planned.

The works also presented difficulties for the families trying to love into the new homes.

It is essential that the Council recognises that:
  • ALL WORKS cause problems for access into and out of Brokesley Street
  • ALL WORKS in Brokesley Street require adequate notice to be given to residents (if they are planned works)
  • ALL WORKS in Brokesley Street need to be closely monitored by Parking Control
[Update - the works continued on Tuesday 20th March.  The Council appears to have taken no action whatsoever despite being notified and the continued parking of vehicles on double yellow lines went unmonitored by Parking Control]

We will keep highlighting these issues until we finally get to a situation where no planned works occur without proper notice being given to residents and without damage to residents' cars or pockets.

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