Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Who's looking after your children's safety?

EastendHomes say they are concerned about the safety and welfare of residents however their response to the lack of approved plans for managing the construction site is to make children responsible for their own safety!!!

In the first edition of Regeneration News it states:
Please help us by asking your children to avoid the sites and the vehicles
We have news for EastendHomes 
  • Children are NOT responsible for their own safety.  That's because they are children!!!
  • Parents also cannot help to train children to stay away from sites if they don't know which sites are active and which way the site construction traffic is moving WITHIN the estate.  
 Unattended construction vehicles left on the street and accessible to children......
....because the construction workers are looking the other way

The lack of communication about the site traffic has been absolutely appalling - especially since it has been behaving in a dangerous fashion and contravening the proposed access and exit route.

There are also no agreed plans for how site traffic moves in relation to each numbered site - meaning parents have no information to give to children beyond the adviseability of growing eyes in the back of their heads. 

Traffic Access Management Plans - for each individual numbered site - would enable parents to understand what's going on where they live.  However
  • no plans exist in an approved form and 
  • no plans have been communicated to every parent on the site.
Who are the people responsible for the safety of your children?

The organisations responsible for this site must provide adequate help to parents.  They also must not assume that ALL  children on the estate have responsible parents who exercise adequate control.  While many are fortunate, some are not.

The organisations who are actually responsible for the safety of people on streets and pavements are:
  • the Council - hence why it requires Plans for how people are to be kept safe (see BREACH of Condition 5 Construction Management Plan).  This is the reason why we invited the Head of Planning and Development Control at the Council to give formal consideration to whether or not the site should be closed down until such time as a good quality Construction Management Plan was in place. 
  • the Developers - who are required to produce the plans for the Council and comply with various health and safety regulations for construction sites.  They are liable for injuries caused to individuals as a result of their activities or omissions
  • the Client (EastendHomes) - who are liable to the public for ensuring that their land is safe and all activities on their land are also safe.
If a child is injured or killed on the streets this summer, the parents of that child may well end up taking one or more of the above to court for damages.
negligence noun 1 being negligent. 2 lack of proper attention or care; carelessness; neglect. 3 law a breach of a legal duty of care for others.
An organisation is NEGLIGENT when it fails to act appropriately 
and as required by law in the presence of a known RISK.

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    1. Construction site are more prone to accidents because of the use of heavy machinery and also works including cutting, sawing, etc. Having a proper construction site safety plan will help in reducing the number of accidents and keeping a safe environment.


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