Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Another cyclist knocked off their bike on Mile End Road

Emergency vehicles attending bike accident 9th August 2010
MERA's resident "spy in the sky" spotted yet another accident on the acident blackspot otherwise known as Mile End Road yesterday morning.

With camera at the ready we captured yet another photo of emergency vehicles attending the scene at the junction of Southern Grove with Mile End Road.  The ambulance driver advised us that a cyclist had been knocked off their bike but didn't provide us with any other details.

We understand from the East London Advertiser who contacted us that the cyclist in question suffered a head injury.

We also spotted a major effort by the Metropolitan Police on the other side (the eastbound carriageway) of Mile End Road.  When asked the Police advised that they were stopping cars without road tax or insurance.  Drivers who were unable to unable to provide proper documentation found that their cars were then towed away - as happened to both these cars.

Vehicles stopped and towed re failure to produce valid car tax and insurance
UPDATEEast London Advertiser featured this accident this week as a follow up to the accident which KILLED cyclist and trainee barrister Victoria Johnson.

The ELA reports that the cyclist knocked down on Monday this week was treated for a head injury at the Royal London Hospital.  It also highlights MERA's concerns that the proposals which are supposed to address the problem highlighted by Ms Johnson's acciden may well make the situation worse.  (More about this in a future blog post)

Article in the East London Advertiser 12th August 2010

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