Sunday, 8 August 2010

Consultations affecting Mile End

This is the Consultations page on the Tower Hamlets Partnership website
Members of the Partnership include the Council, Police, the Primary Care Trust, public services, voluntary and community groups, faith communities and local businesses and residents. 

The Partnership helps bring local people to the decision making table in a variety of ways; from the very local level through to borough-wide initiatives, it helps to ensure that services are not only offered to the highest of standards but also offer the best value for money possible
What Tower Hamlets Partnership says about itself - not everybody will agree!

You can keep up to date with all the consultations by statutory/public organisations about matters affecting Mile End by following..........

Those currently listed on the Tower Hamlets Partnership website for a search on LAP 6 currently include:
However - if you search on post code - eg E3 (which includes Mile End) - this is what comes up

(except you always the same hyperlink/URL no matter which way you search!)
So the important conclusion from our search exercise is DO NOT SEARCH BY POST CODE as you will exclude far too many important consultations

What the consultations page does NOT say

The Consultations search results FAIL to indicate the really important bits of information such as:
  • why this page is not kept up to date
  • which consultations have already finished
  • what the deadlines are for each of the consultations
  • where we can find what is being reported as as a result of the consultation
  • how we can find an RSS feed to keep us up to date on all current consultations
They do however provide a way of registering your email so you can be notified about consultations.  Except we left ours once before and we haven't heard of half of these consultations!

MERA also cannot place a feed on our blog or website about current consultations because there is no feed produced for this page.

So - do you think Tower Hamlets Partnership really wants to consult with you?

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