Thursday, 12 August 2010

Yet another planning application for a hot food takeaway in Mile End!

MERA takes a dim view of the extent to which Tower Hamlets Council has allowed Mile End to become a Hot Food Take-away HOT SPOT at the expense of the provision of a variety of small shops providing other much needed services to the local community.

Yet another planning application has been made for yet another conversion of A1 use to A5 use - this time at 566 Mile End Road.  See PA/10/01611.  The planning documents are not yet up on the Council's planning database but when they are we shall be going over for both them and the Council's planning policy in some details

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 states use classes are as follows
  • Class A1 Shops:  Shops, retail warehouses, sandwich bars, hairdressers, undertakers, travel and ticket agencies, post offices, dry cleaners, showrooms, domestic hire shops, funeral directors, internet caf├ęs[1] etc.
  • Class A5. Hot food takeaways Use for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises 
MERA is also very much NOT in favour of any use - whether night club or late night take away - which leads to noise late at night and rubbish in residential neighbourhoods - to the detriment of the residential amenity of local residents. 

Let us know what you think as we shall definitely be commenting on this application as well as making representations to the Council about this unplanned and unwanted explosion in hot food takeaway businesses.

We'll also be raising this issue with Mile End East Ward Councillor Rachael Saunders who has Special Responsibility: 'Lead Member - Health and Wellbeing' in the Cabinet.

We'll be asking how exactly the vast number of hot food take-aways around the Mile End Road/ Burdett Road junction contribute to the health and wellbeing of the local community in Mile End.

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  1. I don't understand how having so many retailers selling the same type of stuff can possibly be economically viable.
    As Alvin Hall might say: If you think of the possible number of potential customers for takeaway food as being represented by a nice chocolate gateaux, surely having more venders just results in smaller slices? The gateaux doesn't get any bigger and if you cut the slices too small, you just make a mess.


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