Friday, 13 August 2010

Broke Club Update - what to do if you are disturbed

Broke Club 562 Mile End Road, London E3 4PH
- on corner of Mile End Road and Burdett Road
There were further disturbances from the Broken Disco at the Broke Club at 562 Mile End Road, London E3 4PH last Friday night.  These are being recorded on this blog for the purposes of advising the Licensing Officer, local Councillors and local residents.

Matters of Concern 

First....The bad news
  • No change in music levels on Friday. The new improved sound system does not seem to be working as promised - it continues to disturb residents in Wentworth Mews.  We wonder if it has in fact been changed.
  • There was some disturbance from the club's customers last Friday night (6th August).  Local residents observed Police with dogs attending the disturbance during Friday/Saturday night.
Then....The good news
  • The MERA patrol last Saturday night noted that noise levels were OK at 12.30am and that the Club was definitely closed at 2am on Saturday 7th August 2010.  We wonder if it had been open for business at all as there was no event listed on the calendar.
  • The size of the message on the Broke Club website (*Please do not park in residential roads) seems to be marginally bigger.
This weekend

An event (Broken Disco) is listed for tonight 13th August  - but there is nothing listed for Saturday night.  Local residents were promised that all private events would be indicated in some way on the calendar.

Looks like we should have an undisturbed Saturday night! :)

What to do if you are disturbed

If you are disturbed in any way, PLEASE ring
  • 0800 917 5918 which is the 24 hour Tower Hamlets Freephone Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting HotLine  
  • 0300 123 1212 which is the police non emergency hotline
You can also contact us if you want the owner's mobile number.  Best to ask for it BEFORE we go to sleep!

Recording our experiences

The council are collecting residents' experiences. If you experienced disturbance last Friday night (or this weekend) please advise us of what you saw and/or heard. Please make a note of the date and time and provide us with details of your location.

  • EITHER:  Mark Taylor, Chair, Mile End Residents Association (MERA Hotline No: (talk or text) 07932 626340; Send MERA an email click here
  • AND/OR:  The QuietNight Group - there's a link to their email on their website
We will record, note and present evidence as proof of the unsuitability of having a night club in such a high-density residential area.

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