Friday, 12 November 2010

Quality control by Telford Homes Banksmen? NOT!!!

Gate to Telford Homes Site Office demolished by a truck....and where were the banksmen?

Says it all really!

Despite promises from Telford Homes about the use of banksmen and the effectiveness of "modern reversing cameras" a driver visiting the Telford Homes site office and compound in Hamlets Way managed to hit and comprehensively demolish their own compound gates.

Let's all hope that the driver responsible receives further training before he leaves the relative safety of the Telford Homes compound right next to the entrance to multi-storey Ennerdale House.

In the meantime, the site compound remains open to children - as can be seen in this photo.

We also noted yesterday that the gates to the St Clements Hospital site had been left wide open - again making it easy for children to access the site.

Not all children can read "keep out" notice.

We had rather hoped that all site operatives could and knew that they need to keep gates to site compounds closed at all times.

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