Thursday, 11 November 2010

Demolition starts - and so do breaches of controls

Last week, demolition started on the Eric & Treby Regeneration scheme.

First, the garages at Wentworth Mews (Site 8) were demolished

Site 8 (Wentworth Mews garages):
Demolition of garages - with not a spray in site to control the dust
Then the muncher had a go at munching a bit of the Brokesley Street maisonettes (Site10)

Site 10 (Brokesley Street maisonettes):  The Muncher takes a bite. 
Dust was seen rising above the height of the maisonettes

We were concerned about whether Environmental Health have got the necessary precautions in place to protect the neighbourhood  and local residents from excessive noise and dust.  So MERA contacted Environmental Health and arranged to meet them for a walk around the various sites which will be most affected.

On Tuesday morning, three MERA reps - Mark (Chair), Lene (Secretary) and Katherine (Planning Lead) - met up with Okey Ngoka, who is the Technical Officer (Major Projects) working for Tower Hamlets Council's Environmental Health Department and Felix Oku who also works for Environmental Health dealing with Site Contamination.

We had a very productive meeting.  Not least when were stood right next to this.....

Site 8 (Wentworth Mews garages): Dust cloud unchecked by water spray as required
.....which was quite a neat way of illustrating to Environmental Health the way Telford Homes acts as if it believed that planning permissions, planning conditions and health and safety legislation do NOT apply to them or this development.  Wrong!!! 

We viewed the various sites and established what we need to do to keep Environmental Health informed.  We've also been promised a noise meter installed BEFORE the demolition of the concrete walkway bridge gets underway.  This will monitor the impact on adjacent residents in Windermere and Derwent House, Ennerdale House and Beckley Houses - as this is likely to be the most noisy operation on site.

Then Mr Ngoka went off to have a word with the Telford Homes Site Manager about quality controls and the proper application of processes to control dust!

As with the earlier site preparation works, we will be taking photographs and video of the sites as demolition progresses and this blog will be used to communicate with all the appropriate parties.

Watch out more "Caught on Camera" moments in this epic development!

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