Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ennerdale House suffers power cut in the middle of a blizzard

Yet again the residents of the 90 flats in Ennerdale House have suffered the repercussions of yet another power cut.  This knocked out:
  • the lifts (for everybody)
  • the central heating (for everybody)
  • the hot water (for everybody)
All of this from early this morning - right the way through the blizzard and the bitterly cold temperatures of Saturday 18th December.

Ennerdale House :
barely visible in the Blizzard 
at 1pm on 18.12.10.

EDF were called by Lene Milaa the MERA Secretary at 8.30am and turned up as promised by 12.00 to sort out the Phase which had "blown a fuse" or whatever caused the power cut.

In the meantime Mark Taylor, the MERA Chair - now a veteran of the power cut scenario  and the problems is causes for heating and hot water in the block - turned his attention to the fact that the pump would need to be restarted to get the hot water back on.  

As it was a Saturday morning Mark Taylor approached Bernie Cameron, Chair of the Mile End Estate Management Board for help.  Fortunately he was able to contact the people who fix the pumps and the hot water was coming back for some flats by the middle of the afternoon - although the lifts were still not working and neither was the heating.

More updates later.

[UPDATE:  Everything was up and running by 15.00. Lift - Water pumps etc - heating took till about 17.00 to build itself up to reasonable strength]

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