Monday, 31 January 2011

Telford Homes breach planning permission at Site 1 - again!

Telford Homes have started building on Site 1 despite the fact that they have failed to complete all the pre-commencement planning conditions.

Condition 8 relating to waste management arrangements remains outstanding - of which more later.

We heard this morning that Site 1 had been withdrawn from the application submitted to date - and we're not surprised!  So, in principle, there should be no development on site except excavations of foundations whereas in reality some considerable progress has been made above ground. This is despite the fact that Telford Homes have already had a formal written warning by Owen Whalley, Tower Hamlets Lead Planning Officer,  about ignoring and breaching planning conditions in relation to The Eric & Treby development.

This morning we've sent the following images (below) to the responsible planning officer.  Telford Homes don't appear to be able to read their own plans - as well as not being able to read planning conditions.

This is a very clear breach of the plans for the approved development at Site 1.  The plan is for the rear of Site 1 (next to the old skip area) and the photo has been taken from a flat on that corner of Ennerdale House.

plan for development next to rear of Ennerdale House (next to refuse area)

actual development at the same location
bricks are ABOVE ground / broom handle gives scale
Note the broom handle lying on the ground which gives the scale of the gap left between existing building and new development.

There is no way that the proper distance between the existing building and the approved footprint for the new building has been located correctly.

So - is this yet another example of Telford Homes contravening approved planning permission as well as ignoring the terms of pre-commencement planning conditions?

We expect that Tower Hamlets Planning will be along shortly to inspect the illegal progress being made on site 1 to date.

We'll be very interested to hear what Mr Whalley has to say about this development.......

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