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Human fence around Victoria Park playground - 25th February

A human fence around the new V&A playground in Victoria Park is planned for Saturday 25th February between 12pm and 3pm

Local parents and carers have become extremely concerned by the absence of any fencing for the new refurbished playgrounds in Victoria Park.  The fencing around the old playspaces were removed during the works and it has not been returned. (see Safety concerns about new playgrounds in Victoria Park on this blog)

Victoria Park - V&A Playground (inbetween Grove Road and the lake)
Can you see to the other end of the playground?
Cllr Joshua Peck (Ward Councillor for Bow West) has been pressing the Council to get a fence installed around the playground.  He's already demonstrated the nature of the problem to the relevant Director of the Council

To step up the pressure, he's asking parents and children to join him, other councillors and local MP Rushanara Ali at the playground at 12.15pm on Saturday 25th Feb to form a human fence around the playground. Local media will be invited.

The human fence will be in place between 12.00 and 3.00pm.

Please come along to show your support and tell as many of your friends as possible. Bring your kids and come and see the new playground if you've not tried it before.

More about the concerns and the Petition

These concerns resulted in the Friends of Victoria Park organising a petition.  So far over 370 people have now signed a petition asking the Council to reinstate the fence.
Put fences around Victoria Park Playgrounds

We ask that LBTH fence the playgrounds in Victoria Park for the safety of the children that play there.

Victoria Park has recently undergone a £12.3 million refurbishment including the expansion and renewal of its playgrounds.

The playgrounds should protect the health and welfare of small children from avoidable harm. However, the children's playgrounds have had fences removed and there are no current plans for their reinstatement. This now results in children under 5 being able to leave the playground easily and dogs defecating in the playgrounds.
If you click the comments of those who have signed you'll see that the same messages come up again and again from those who care for small children

  • difficulty in seeing what children are doing due to lumps, bumps and play obstacles - making the new playground very stressful for those taking more than one small child.  Some parents are now stating they no longer visit unless they have another adult to help them keep an eye on the children.
  • experiences of children straying out of the playground and running towards the road while Mum attending to second child 
  • concerns about dogs  run in and out at will AND experiences of
    • dog poo in the playground
    • concerns about dogs (and dog owners) behaving aggressively towards small children (and parents)
  • people are now taking their children to play in parks outside the borough where they know their children will be safe - because the playspace they visit has a fence
One, reported on the Tower Hamlets National Childbirth Trust Facebook page, is particularly worrying
A friend of mine was seriously assaulted, whilst pushing a pram, for asking someone to take their dog out of the new play ground in Victoria park. This can't happen again. Please sign this petition to support the fence being reinstated around the playground and share this link on your wall.
Please also come and participate in the Human Wall if a safe public play space for your children is  important to you.

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