Saturday, 24 May 2014

Results of the Mile End Ward Elections 2014

The story of the election in the Mile End Ward in short is:
  • an awful lot of your turned out to vote - very nearly 50% of the people with votes actually voted. However this was down on the very nearly 60% of you who voted in 2010 (when there was a General Election).
  • the NEW Councillors for Mile End Ward are
    • Shah Alam (Tower Hamlets First) - who came top. He is a brand new Councillor.
    • David Edgar (Labour) - who is an existing Councillor but new to this ward because of the boundary changes. He previously represented Limehouse.
    • Rachael Saunders (Labour) - who just squeeked in 87 votes ahead of the next candidate. Rachael is currently the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group for Tower Hamlets Council.
  • Motin Uz-Zaman (Labour) lost votes and was not re-elected.
  • Conservative and Liberal candidates achieved fewer votes than in 2010
  • The two independent candidates came bottom of the poll.

In addition, Mayor Lutfur Rahman was re-elected with a majority of 3,252 votes - based on a turnout of very nearly 50%.

Results graph for first round Results graph for secondround

Voting Summary

The share of the first and second votes were as follows:
  • Lutfur Rahman - (1st) 43% (2nd) 12%
  • John Biggs - (1st) 33% (2nd) 88%
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 84234
Electorate 181871
Num. ballot papers issued 86540
Number of ballot papers rejected at the 1st count 2306
Turnout 47.58%

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