Friday, 25 July 2014

Demolition out of control at Linden Homes St Clements site?

This is a perfectly sound tree which has just been felled by people working on the Linden Homes St Clements Development.  The workforce on site at the moment are employed by Squibb Demolition Contractors.

The trees on the site are all protected by the fact that the site lies within the Cemetary Park Conservation Zone.
  • Consequently all tree lopping and felling is subject to a planning application to Tower Hamlets Council.  
  • The last planning application was PA/09/01069 which related to several trees on the site - but not this one. This planning application has been removed from the planning database.
Following the removal of the tree, an email was sent to the Planning Department and a response was received
Thank you for your email which has been forwarded on to our planning enforcement team to investigate.
A detailed letter has now been sent to Tower Hamlets Planning Department - and copied to the local councillors - with respect to the failure to enforce planning applications and conditions on this site.

This highlights how a number of actions have been taking place on the site IN ADVANCE OF THE PROPER DISCHARGE OF PLANNING CONDITIONS.  This includes consultation with all near neighbours and Mile End Residents Association.

The local Councillors for Mile End are Shah Alam (Tower Hamlets First); David Edgar (Labour)  and Rachael Saunders (Labour).

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