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Revised Planning Application - document guide

At the Strategic Development Committee meeting on 4th August 2009 Cllr Haque (Chair) instructed Head of Planning Owen Whalley to tell EastendHomes that they needed to submit a fresh planning application that "addresses the concerns of the Committee and members of the public".
  • The new application does not do this. The design and layout of buildings on our open spaces around Ennerdale is exactly the same as the previous plans.
  • No effective consultation took place before the first submission.
  • No consultation by Eastendhomes has taken place prior to the second application despite offers from MERA to meet with EastendHomes
  • Our concerns are the same as the first application and have not been addressed as requested. New build will greatly reduce open space and is unacceptable.
Write your own objections

It is also important that all residents write individual objections to the plans. The more letters the Planning department get the more they will get the message that the people who live here both care about our neighbourhood and that we don’t want our neighbourhood used for in-fill development, most of which will be for private sale and not for people who are on the Council’s waiting list for housing.

The deadline for objections is Monday 23 November 2009

The plans

This is a guide to the documents currently to be found on the Council's website with an explanation of which each is.

These are all links to pdf documents and take a little time to appear. It's best to right click and open them in a new tab so you don't lose this blog and the rest of the list

The first six documents need rotating (right click/clockwise):
  • Height and location of proposed buildings - a very good overview of where new buildings are proposed - the different colours indicate how high each building is
  • Open space loss and gain - an update where the new ‘public open space’ behind the Tabernacle is illustrated as well as suggested car parking in the grassed court yards of Windermere House.
  • Tenure allocation - the red is flats for sale on the private market. The blue is so-called affordable units, these are for people on the Council’s waiting list. Yellow is community centres/EEH offices.
  • Disabled units and disabled car parking
  • Play spaces
  • Proposed estate master plan - black and white drawing of the whole area and the proposed buildings - shows it all but is actually quite fuzzy to an untrained eye!
  • Covering letter - letter from Leaside Regeneration/EastendHomes - this describes the changes from the old plans; it addresses the four reasons why the old plans were refused.
  • Statement of Community Involvement - Do you recognise any of this?? EastendHomes refer to comments they received in 2008 - there’s not a single word from residents in the last few months - or ANY time this year!
  • Access and Design Statement - part 1 - This has pictures of existing parts of the estate and 3D drawings of what is proposed. Don’t be put off by architectural jargon! (Part 1 covers part of the area around Ennerdale House).
  • Access and Design Statement - part 2 - Note this is an old document, e.g. site 5 was taken off a long time ago and site 6 is now being proposed as a new community centre - part 2 covers the rest of the estate. Scroll through and find your own block.
DO spend time looking through some of the documents, there are loads of them yes, but it is important that you all know what they are talking about - you will be much better equipped to object.

The whole list of plans is here

The Conservation Area Consent for demolishing and replacing the buildings in Brokesley Street is listed here.

Writing and delivering your objection

The deadline for objections is Monday 23 November 2009

Don't forget to include the reference number in your letter - Reference no: PA/09/02065 (Eric & Treby)

Email to Richard Murrell (the case officer):

Post to:

Richard Murrell
Development & Renewal
Town Planning
Mulberry Place (AH)
PO BOX 55739
5 Clove Crescent

Hand deliver: Either go to the Town Hall yourselves or contact MERA and we will deliver them by hand.

The Ennerdale House petition will be delivered at the end of this week.

Lobby your councillor: It's helpful to make sure your Local Councillor also knows how you feel. Copy your letter of objection to the Councillors representing Mile End East ward. Their email addresses can be found in the attached links

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