Friday, 20 November 2009

News from EastendHomes Lease/Freeholders Association

Following a meeting last night, the EastendHomes Lease/Freeholders Association (EEHLA) is now established as a borough-wide group which links up up leaseholders and freeholders across various EastendHomes estates - including the Eric/Treby Street Estate.

This is a link to an item in The Wharf which describes what happened at the meeting Residents unite against "reactionary" housing group (November 20, 2009 11:36 AM)

The EEHLA is concerned about:

  • The level of increases in service charges for leaseholders
  • Lack of clear, transparent and accurate bills for charges to leaseholders
  • Lack of ground rent demands
  • Lack of a clear and well understood complaints procedure
  • Lack of clarity around proposed developments on EastendHomes estates and the likely cost and benefit to leaseholders
  • Problems of anti-social behaviour going unchecked on EastendHomes estates
  • the nature of the relationship between the Leaseholders Association and Eastend Homes and the lack of any investment on the part of EastendHomes in maintaining a relationship with leaseholders

The EEHLA Mission Statement is as follows


  • Full Recognition and Lines of Communication at all levels
  • Value for money service in all area of charges
  • Improve the standard of Services from Eastend Homes – from Caretaking to Administration
  • Consultation on all policy decisions affecting leaseholders
  • Disputes recognized as disputes’ and not arrears. Dispute Resolution
  • Common goals through Dialogue and Negotiation and Cooperation on equal terms
  • Involvement of other EEH estates and groups. Help each other
  • External Audit. Full transparency on leaseholder costs and recharges
  • Estate Stock Surveys in the public domain
  • Major Works recharges. Capping the bills and reviewing methods of payment

Attending the meeting on Thursday evening were:-

....and many Leaseholders from all Eastendhomes Estates from around the borough. The meeting was so well attended that there was standing room only for some.

Residents reported that annual insurance charges for some one-bedroom flats surged from £80 in 2008/9 to nearly £240 in 2009/10. Meeting chair and Blackwall and Cubitt Town councillor Tim Archer revealed that this is more than £200 more than the £36.35 charge for a two-bedroom flat under social landlord Tower Hamlets Community Housing.
Residents unite against "reactionary" housing group

A website is being set up for the new association at (this site is likely to move hosts in the near future).

The MERA blog will provide links to alerts of any issues of significance to leaseholder households living in the area covered by MERA.

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