Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Council decides the future for our homes tonight!

Here we go again! Tonight local residents will attend the SIXTH MEETING of the Strategic Development Committee of Tower Hamlets Council. On the agenda is EastendHomes' SECOND planning application for a redevelopment which has major implications for most of our homes on the Eric/Treby Street Estate and in Brokesley Street.

Tonight Tower Hamlets Council's Strategic Development Committee will decide the future for our homes.
Have EastendHomes got it right this time?

Should the Director of Planning be recommending it be approved?

We certainly do not think so. The second planning application is virtually identical to the last one - which was REFUSED by Committee in September!
The Mile End Residents Association has also submitted a 37 page letter of objection identifying a number of NEW CONCERNS and the associated policy/legislative reasons for refusal. If you live in the area and are on our MERA mailing list you can contact MERA and obtain a copy of this.

You can find the Strategic Development Committee Agenda for the meeting on Tuesday 15th December here

Download the Officers Report pdf icon PDF 310 KB - which recommends approval of the planning application. Yet again it fails to represent our objections properly.

Do you live in the consultation area? Were you consulted by:
  • EastendHomes?
  • the Council?
If you want to attend the meeting

Why not come along tonight and hear what two local residents and your local Councillors have to say about this application?

EastendHomes were very busy over the weekend taking down all the posters which gave people details of how to get to the meeting. Hence why we've now included our poster on this blog. If you've got a poster please put it in your window.

How to get there: Right click on the large image to see how to get to the meeting You can take either the 277 bus or the D6 bus to get to the Town Hall. The meeting is in the Council Chamber.

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