Sunday, 2 May 2010

Question Time comes to Mile End East on 4th May

Mile End Residents Association (MERA) and Bede Residents Association are organising Local Election Hustings on Tuesday 4th May at the East London Tabernacle on Burdett Road - 6.45 - 9.00pm

What's a Husting?

Hustings have a long history. Today it means a platform upon where candidates for an election (that's the people who want to be councillors) can address the electors (that's you and me!)

You have the opportunity to grill the candidates on the issues which matter to you.

What's this Husting all about?

This husting is limited to the Local Election and Mile End East Ward. It's not about the Parliamentary Election. That means the only candidates on the platform will be people who want to be your councillors.

There will be 12 people on the ballot paper - but we thought that's a bit too many for a hustings. So what's happening is that there will be one candidate for councillor from the four parties which are standing in Mile End East - Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Respect.

One candidate from each party and an independent chair will be on the platform. Questions will be asked of the cndidates - just like in BBC's Question Time!

If you'd like to ask a question contact us in advance with your question

Click the link below to send us your questions in advance if possible

Phone or txt: hotline no 07932 626340
Include your name and address or at least street or estate.

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