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What will the planned development actually look like?

Would you like to know what's proposed for the area where you live? As many of you will be aware, information for residents about the proposed development on the Eric/Trbey Street Estate by EastendHomes has not been at all accessible.
During MERA's consultation with residents over the previous and current planning application, local residents told us again and again that they had no idea what was actually planned.

Let's see why that might be....
...and then see what's actually planned

Original consultation

2003 consultation

Most of the consultation with local people took place six years ago in 2003 - a very long time ago. Many of the people living on the Estate were not living here at that time.
That consultation identified that residents' priorities were to:
  • improve security for residents, particularly in the following areas: (along Southern Grove, the garaged area underneath Windermere House, and the communal stairs and refuse areas in Windermere House)
  • improve refuse collection arrangements;
  • modernise internal kitchen and bathroom fittings;
  • introduce community facilities including better play facilities;
  • introduce traffic calming measures, particularly along Southern Grove and Hamlets Way; and improve landscaping to run-down areas
Just TWO DATES - FIVE YEARS LATER to see what was planned

Many Estate residents did not know about or were unable to attend the two dates on which information was available for people living on the estate ONLY. Did you know about or attend either of the following?
  • a pre-application consultation drop-in day held by EastendHomes in a tent on the estate on Tuesday 20th May 2008
  • a Planning Forum, chaired by Officers of the Council’s Planning Department on
    the 7th July 2008
Residents living in the local community significantly affected by the development were NOT even invited to that minimal consultation.

The Revised Planning Application

After the refusal of the FIRST planning application, a revised planning application was submitted to the Council. Here is:
  • the application for Eric and Treby with the Reference no PA/09/02065
  • the separate conservation area application for demoliton and rebuild in Brokesley Street, Reference no PA/09/02066

Click here for a document from the application that deals with previous reasons for refusal.

Click here to download the covering letter.

EastendHomes made NO ATTEMPT TO CONSULT with residents or the Mile End Residents Association PRIOR to the submission of this revised planning application to the Council.

Consultation is what we and members of the Strategic Development Committee have been pushing for over many months but yet again it all fell on deaf ears.

Inaccessible information

Many residents have not known where to start when faced with wading through the thousands of pages of planning application listed on the Internet. Getting to the council offices in office hours is also something that's very difficult to do for many people in employment - especially in a recession.

Too little and too late

The latest leaflet about the development - hand-delivered to estate properties only - arrived AFTER the formal end of the consultation period by the Council. It includes a perspective view of the development which MINIMISES
  • the extent of the infill development,
  • the extent of building on existing open space and
  • the extent of shadowing of existing homes
Would you like to see what is really proposed?

Residents were able to understand much more about what was planned when they saw this visualisation of Open space - Keep off the grass!! on the website (not related to EastendHomes)

You can also see now a slideshow of the proposed building works and infill developments on the Eric/Treby Street estate - site by site
  • each site is identified by number and location
  • the visualisation shows proposed new buildings built around and inbetween existing buildings
  • existing builngs are grey and proposed buildings are lilac
Alternatively you can also See the same images on a static page

If the application were to be recommended for approval, the first available Strategic Development Committee meeting would be on 15th December.

If you have any comments please contact MERA by clicking here

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