Thursday, 27 May 2010

Digging commences on Site 14

MERA reps today noted the arrival of a JCB on Site 14 prior to the discharge of the planning conditions.

Site 14 is the cleared and fenced off land on the corner of Eric Street and Ropery Street (click this link to see the Google Streetview image)

The planning conditions allow for a certain amount of site preparation works to be conducted.

This explains all the weird patterns in different colours which have been appearing on pavements around the Eric & Treby Estate in recent weeks - as various cables and pipes and utility services are located in preparation for the development

We assume that the holes being dug today are probably connected with this although we've not yet been told formally what's going on.

If told or asked we would of course have reported the fact that there's a longstanding story about that corner. There's a notion that there is an unexploded bomb on that site...........

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