Friday, 28 May 2010

Access to Site 10 (Brokesley Street)

It's proposed that access to Site 10 (1-14 Brokesley Street) will NOT be via Brokesley Street but rather via the St Clements Hospital site.

Residents adjacent to the site have now received the consultation notice about the Listed Building Consent Application for the proposed access. The proposal is that:
  • a 5 metre section of wall at the rear of 1-14 Brokesley Street will be dismantled carefully and the bricks cleaned and stored
  • this will enable temporary access to Site 10 (Brokesley Street) whilst redevelopment is carried out
  • at the conclusion of the development works the wall will be reinstated to match the existing wall
In addition, the entrance to the periphery road on the St Clements site - through the gates and wall which are Listed - is going to be protected with hoarding for the duration of the works. This should mean there is no chance of this important piece of local heritage being damaged.

You can see details of the Listed Building Consent Application on the Council's website.

MERA will not be opposing this planning application although we might comment on minor aspects of the application. Overall the applications is of very considerable benefit for the people living in Brokesley Street.

Another MERA result!

This proposal and associated application is a direct result of the representations made by Mile End Residents Association and local residents.

We campaigned long and hard about the practical difficulties associated with trying to access 1-14 Brokesley Street site from Brokesley Street. We emphasised in particular the extensive disruption it could cause to traffic flow and and normal daily life and difficulties with access by the emergency services.

We also highlighted that access via the St Clements site was both feasible and practical from the perspectives of both the developer and local residents.

As a result the planning conditions required that
The plan shall include a consideration of the feasibility of accessing site 10 during the construction phases from St. Clements Hospital.
Full Planning Permission - Planning Conditions (paragraph 5)

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