Thursday, 24 June 2010

Danger at Recipe Tree Garden - keep out!

It would appear that somebody from Eastendhomes and/or Telford Homes plc has finally got the point about the state of the site contamination at the Recipe Street Garden.

A danger sign has gone up at the fence preventing access to 
the Recipe Tree Garden sponsored by Kerrygold Butter

See our blog posts earlier this week which highlighted the problem which was being IGNORED by the people in charge of the Eric & Treby Street development
It looks like the consultation with residents - scheduled to start today at the Recipe Street Garden - and BBQ will now have to happen somewhere else!

[UPDATE:  Apparently not.  After the danger sign and fencing was removed in the morning and transported in a very unsafe way (ie unsecured and bouncing around within inches of residents' cars) away from the site, Eastendhomes proceeded to hold its consultation day as if the contamination never existed.  Of course, unless they can provide the validation photographs about excavation of existing soil and other relevant documents for the site remediation quality control, they will be unable to discharge the planning conditions and it will have to be redone.  

In the meantime we wonder if anybody told the Kerrygold Farmers and Kerrygold Butter that they have helped to fund the landscaping of a contaminated plot.  From our perspective, while we think Kerrygold are totally brilliant for putting up the finding for community projects, we're very puzzled as to how the page on their website and the existing site contamination fits with their branding.

For the record - PA/10/01093 - Approval of Details - Site Remediation - detailing how the site is to be remediated is with Tower Hamlets Planning at the moment and is out to consultation.  It has not been approved.  The works which have taken place technically breach the planning conditions which cover site remediation]

Health and safety risks - not an isolated incident 

See also British Street: Children must not play on this site.

When is Eastendhomes going to start getting it right in the development of soft landscaping?

It's looking more and more as if we need to call for some enforcement action from Planning so that the developers start getting it right first time - and not when residents speak up about the problems and faults.

Reference:  Posts about Local Green Spaces

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