Thursday, 1 July 2010

MERA Comments on Site Ecology Application

The large mature Lime Tree not mentioned in the Habitat Survey 
which crosses the boundary of Site 10 - above and beneath the ground

Below you can find the summary of our comments in the covering letter to Mile End Residents Assocation's formal and detailed written response to PA/10/01121 - Approval of Details - Site ecology - pursuant to Condition 25 (Site Ecology) (ref the planning conditions relating to the permitted development on the Eric & Treby Estate ref: PA/09/2065)
There are a number of problems with these proposals.

The first problem is that yet again the Scheme Proposals appear to be incomplete as the Habitat Survey does not appear to have actually surveyed Site 10.  On this basis alone we feel the Scheme should be refused, revised and resubmitted AFTER Site 10 has been surveyed properly and precise recommendations developed for this site.

Other concerns include:
  • there has been no survey of the lime tree at 648 Mile End Road which overhangs Site 10 re a number of matters eg no survey of nesting birds, no mapping of area of site 10 covered by roots of a healthy mature tree, how to deal with site contamination while protecting the root ball etc
  • much more precise recommendation are required re protection of the Lime Tree at 648 Mile End Road and its maintenance as a mature healthy tree given the need to also address the site contamination in the gardens of site 10
  • Site 10 needs to be surveyed for bat roosts. 
  • we'd like to see more specific proposals for planting trees in/around the site and Hamlets Way/Southern Grove
 Please note that we are using our website, ( blog ( and Flickr account ( for updates, comments and photographic records for the duration of the contract. 
There is a significant amount of other documentation which still needs to be completed, submitted, consulted upon and addressed  (eg Construction Management Plan, Site Delivery and Services Plan, Landscaping strategy and management plan, refuse and recycling storage plan, energy efficiency scheme) we suggest there is plenty of time to remedy the deficits in terms of the surveys which have, as yet, not been conducted on Site 10.

The report recommends:
  • a bat survey - the maisonettes at 1-14 Brokesley Street have been empty for some time and residents have seen bats in Brokesley Street in the past
  • a survey of nesting birds within the dense canopy of leaves.  
Nesting birds are protected by law during the nesting season. 

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