Friday, 2 July 2010

Broke London Club - June Update

Representatives from local residents groups north and south of Mile End Road (MERA, MEOTRA and QuietNights) met with the owner of the Broke Club on Tuesday evening.  This is part of a concerted effort by the club, the licensing officers of Tower Hamlets Council and local residents' groups to make sure that there is no repeat of the horrendous problems which have been experienced in the past with another club.

The club reopened under new management on Saturday 29th May 2010.

Readers of this blog will recall that there some teething problems with noise and disturbance on the opening weekend (see Broke Club: Noise and more noise on opening weekend)

However since then, during June, the general consensus is that the club has been successful at keeping both noise and disturbance under control.  Long may this continue!

Benn Wilson, the owner of the club and licensee, is well aware that all the involved organisations will continue to monitor the situation very closely indeed in order to sustain the peace and quiet in the residential areas both sides of the Mile End Road. 

Another meeting will be held Benn Wilson at Broke London will be on Tuesday 27th July 7.30pm.  This could usefully tackle the fact that the parking page could do more to indicate that those attending the club should NOT park in residential roads ie get rid of the small red print.

the parking page on the Broke London website
Broke respectfully requests that all guests leave the venue quietly. We’re located in a residential area and we ask you to respect our neighbours.
*Please do not park in residential roads
Broke London website - parking page
What to do if there is a disturbance

Benn Wilson is on call to deal with any queries arising from a disturbance associated with the club. Should you be affected by one and need his mobile number please email us at

For Information:  These are the Broke Club - Terms of the Licence.  Click the link to find out what to do if you need to report a disturbance 

Anti-social and rowdy behaviour
which wakes local residents will NOT be tolerated in Mile End

Click the link here to send any information and comments

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