Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Ennerdale House Lift Emergency Number

This post is for all the people living in Ennerdale House - and those who visit.  

We've given up waiting for EastendHomes to do its job properly.

[UPDATE:  The MERA Blog works!  On 13th July around midday the appropriate signs with emergency contact details were placed in the lifts in Ennerdale House] 

Above is the sign which is now in both lifts.  It provides the Emergency Number for if the lift fails. 

Why does MERA need to do this?  Well we wouldn't need to if:
  • EastendHomes responded to requests - but they don't
  • EastendHomes want to make tenants and residents feel safe - but they don't 
  • EastendHomes wanted to make sure everybody knew what to do if they get stuck in the lift - but they don't.
This situation was first reported after a concerned resident bought it to our attention at the recent EastendHomes Residents Conference. This was back on the 14th June.  Despite very many reminders to EastendHomes that a sign is needed in both lifts, none has been provided. How difficult is it to create a paper sign until such time as a proper one has been made?  The answer?  Not long - we found it took no more than 5 minutes to make it and less than 5 minutes to get it in both lifts.  So there you go - 10 minutes spent to make sure people aren't left stuck in a lift.

So now people using the lift have a sign.  It will stay there until
  • EastendHomes start doing their job properly and 
  • a proper sign is installed in each lift
If you want to make a print of the sign you can find the original here and you can download a copy of a pdf file from here

If anybody would like to volunteer to translate it we will also create and post a translation. 

PS  Should you wish to comment at any time to EastendHomes about their inability to stay on top of the job and keep basic services running please contact 020 8880 7055 and let them know exactly what you think!

PPS  EastendHomes also didn't know that Telford had cut off the water again and that Ennerdale House had no water again this morning - but that's another story........

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  1. Yesterday around midday the appropriate signs with emergency contact details were placed in the lifts in Ennerdale House


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