Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Get in touch with the local canals and rivers

In this post you can see thumbnails of photos you can see on Flickr or some the greener parts of where we live.

On Saturday a number of us went on the Community Walk organised by the East London Tabernacle Baptist Church based in Burdett Road

This is a link to the slideshow of the greener part of the Community Walk and this is a link to the set of Community Walk photos in Flickr
    • then south along the River Lea (which is a canalised river) and Old Ford Lock - and the cormorant
    • to Bow Bridge and then back down the A11, Bow Road.  

    Our photographer did not finish the route due to it being a very hot day and a dislike of walking along roads as opposed to next to canals and rivers!

    If you'd like to venture out to explore the local canals and rivers, you can Download a Guide and map to the East End's canals and London Docklands

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