Friday, 7 January 2011

Telford Homes keeps breaching planning conditions

Telford Homes obviously have no regard for Tower Hamlet's Council's Planning Department whatsoever - or they wouldn't keep breaching planning conditions.  Either that or they don't know which day of the week it is!

Eric & Treby Redevelopment - Site 1:  
Construction commences in advance of completion of prec-mmencement planning conditions
The processes relating to the pre-commencement planning conditions for Site 1 have not yet been completed.
CONDITION 8 - Refuse and recycling: Required prior to commencement of development (with exception of site preparation works and the digging of foundations).  PA/10/00718 - Refuse and recycling for all NEW BUILD atSite 10 (Brokesley Street)site 12 (Beckley House)site 14 (Ropery/Eric Street) ONGOING  + PA/10/01921 proposal for non-material amendment to revise wording to limit to "prior to commencement of development on each new build site" + PA/10/02464  Submission of details pursuant to discharge of condition 8 (refuse/recycling)  in respect of sites 1, 4, 7 and 9  
of application dated 22/03/10, ref: PA/09/2065 (Deadline" 10th January 2011) 
Consequently there should be no works on new build sites other than demolition and the digging and completion of foundations.  Which includes starting to build above the ground - as is happening in the photograph below - taken this morning from Ennerdale House looking down at Site 1.

Does the Site Manager know what has to happen before building can commence we ask ourselves?

Maybe our local Councillors who are also Eastendhomes Board Members would like to raise a councillor's query about why the Council keeps being ignored by the Contractor appointed by the Board breaches continue to happen?

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