Friday, 2 July 2010

Veolia not emptying recycling bins

EITHER Mile End residents within the MERA area are getting much better at recycling

OR Veolia is getting much worse at collecting refuse from the purple recycling bins

This was the scene in Tony Cannell Mews at the end of Coniston House last Friday afternoon (25th June).

...and this was the scene outside Rebecca House at the end of Brokesley Street (25th June).

This was the scene that we spotted yesterday - Thursday 1st July - in Treby Street.

We'll be sending both Veolia and Tower Hamlets Council waste management officers a link to this blog post and asking for an explanation as to why they think we should put up with sights like this.
  • So Veolia - what's the explanation?  Was this a missed round - in which case why was there no catch-up given that these bins would sit around over the weekend?  Maybe the frequency of collection needs to be reviewed?
  • Do Tower Hamlets Officers monitoring the Veolia contract need to get better in spotting breaches of waste collection standards?

Note to MERA members:  If you see an overflowing refuse bin you can get it sorted PDQ by reporting it using Fixmystreet.  Our experience is that this works faster than ringing the Council's hotline.

Alternatively use the Council's links to:

Overflowing waste bins in public view are NOT acceptable in Mile End

Click the link here to send any other information and comments

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