Monday, 30 August 2010

The root problem remains

What's left of the big tree on Eric Street
(27th August 2010) 
This time we literally mean roots!

The tree in Eric Street which had grown far too big for its location has been removed - letting a lot more light into a lot of local residents' maisonettes.

However one of the major problems with this tree was its very extensive root system which has created an uneven surface to both the grass and lifted paving slabs along the path on the right of the photograph.  Local residents have highlighted to MERA that this isn't safe for people with limited mobility who need a flat surface to be able to access their homes easily.  They also pointed out that it's impossible to walk on the grass due to the root system.

We hope to see the stump grinder will be along soon and the excavations to remove all the roots will follow soon after so that this pathway can become safe and accessible for ALL local residents ASAP.

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