Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Proposed Construction Management Plan - version #2

The revised version of the Construction Management Plan for the Eric & Treby Development has been posted on the Council's planning database and individuals who have noted their interest in this development have now received letters about the consultation process
PA/10/01572 : Submission of details pursuant to condition 5 (construction management plan) of planning permission dated 22nd March 2010, reference PA/09/2065.
The deadline for responses is the 1st September. 

MERA will be reviewing the new proposals in detail.

To date we have noted:

MERA asked for:Submission includes?
Much more information about traffic access and circulationYES
Details of planned routes to and from each individual numbered construction site and numbered landscape site which:
  • meets health and safety requirements and 
  • recognises the existence of a large number of children on the estate
Appendix 3 provides details of planned Delivery Route Vehicles.
Reference is only made to numbered construction sites and omits any reference to all numbered landscaping sites despite the fact that removal of earth and delivery of new landscaping materials will involve considerable site traffic - as has already occurred. 
Details of all planned parking bay suspensionsAppendix 4 provides a plan of parking bay suspensions.
Details of all Hoarding having an impact on pedestrian Traffic and measures to provide adequate separation of pedestrians from construction traffic which meets health and safety requirements and recognises the existence of a large number of children on the estateNO
Appendix 2008 plans re development submitted indicates fencing associated with the completed scheme and proposed landscaping. 

The legend provides no indication of how hoardings are represented on the site plan.
Details of how the Grade 2 Listed Piers and Gates into St Clements Hospital were to be protected from accidents with construction vehicles due to the very tight turning circle for construction lorries.Appendix 9 Provides drawings of the St Clements Hospital Pier Protection Plan. This includes creation of concrete bollards, hoarding and removal of the iron gates to a place of safety during construction.

This work has now gone ahead in advance of the approval of the CMP.
Improved communication with residentsNO
Proposals are inadequate as will be evidenced in the MERA response.
Better management of noiseNO
Exclusion of all EEH traffic associated with other developments from the site due to near accidents generated by drivers of such vehiclesNO 
Schedule of Works (Timeline) for all numbered construction sites and all numbered landscaping sitesNO
Furthermore the timeline for the deliveries and removal of waste works contained in the Construction Management Plan assumes a one site development - not a complex set of sites which are coming onstream at different times

There is also no recognition whatsoever of the fact of the existence of another major contract on the Estate identified as part of the original planning application. 
Explanation of how the contract for the works relating to new buildings is going to work alongside the separate contract for to achieve decent homes standards - as identified in the original planning applicationNO RECOGNITION OF THE SECOND CONTRACT and associated movements of goods (ie kitchens and bathrooms)

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