Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Telford Homes' proposed access to Site 7 - Tonka Trucks anybody?

MERA Chair Mark Taylor demonstrates the width of
the proposed access to Site 7 on the Eric & Treby Estate redevelopment
The Revised Construction Management Plan (part of planning condition 5) indicates that this will be the access route for all construction traffic needing to get to Site 7 (the open space fronting on to Burdett Road and next to the Tabernacle Church).

This view is taken from Open Space 5 (the tarmac space between the Tabernacle Church and the Eric Street maisonettes/gardens) looking north.  Note the width!
  • slightly more than Mark's outstretched arms
  • about the same as a wheelie bin!
MERA understands that Telford Homes will be downsizing their trucks.  Presumably this is when Tonka Trucks make a reappearance on the local scene? ;)

Yes, you've guessed it!  MERA will be highlighting this traffic access proposal as part of the MERA response to the revised traffic access management proposals which form part of the revised Construction Management Plan.

Consultation closes tomorrow - 1st September 2010.

[UPDATE #1 - We've had discussions with the Tabernacle Church whose rear wall is indicated on the left in the photo.  Apparently the Church was approached 10 weeks ago with a request to knock the wall down.  A meeting has been held with advice taken from a party wall surveyor and the Tabernacle are declining to knock down their wall.  The wall has been there for over 50 years and encloses a necessary turning space for vehicles visiting the church. 

UPDATE #2 - The Tabernacle Chuch have now queried access with Telford Homes.  The Construction Director Jeremy Brett,  is now indicating that there is no current plan for a way into the site and that they will have to find another way in.  Which of course is NOT what is indicated by the designated route plan nor the route instructions for Site 7 (see page 13 for route instructions!) in the Construction Management Plan which is currently out for consultation.  This is what preciptated our discussions with the Tabernacle and their discussions today with Telford Homes.

Where next we wonder?] 

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