Saturday, 4 September 2010

Coniston House - an UPDATE

These are the recent blog posts on MILE END RESIDENTS' NEWS about the changes to the open space in the area surrounded by Coniston House - and an update about the outcome.

Open Space development at Coniston House (Open Space 2) as at 1st July 2010
These are the previous posts about the sudden enclosure and tarmacing of open space and removal of too little soil without proper precautions being observed in relation to the soil contamination:
In response to the petition by Coniston House residents and the representations MERA made to the Council's Planning Enforcement Officers MERA received a letter from Owen Whalley Head of Planning and Building Control.  

In summary:
  • Eastend Homes says the tarmac area is temporary and will be remediated and reinstated when construction works are complete
  • Eastend Homes MUST submit an application for temporary planning permission in order for the Council to obtain local residents views and determine if the car parking arrangements are acceptable and
  • issues re dust from the contaminated soil have been referred to Environmental Health
This is the relevant extract.  Right click the image to see a larger version.

Letter from Owen Whalley, Head of Planning and Development Control 28th July 2010
This page on the Council's website is where all the applications for planning permission re. the Eric and Treby Estate can be found.  This includes all applications for approval of details relating to satisfying planning conditions.

You can also check the latest status of all planning applications on our Redevelopment Page which tells you what is permited, what has been refused and what is "in progress" plus deadlines for all comments .

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