Friday, 20 December 2013

Gridlock in Bow - Blackwall Northern Approach Road closed

If you have been wondering wondered why we have been experiencing total gridlock in recent days, the answer is the A12 is closed southbound at Bow Flyover and A102 Blackwall Northern Approach Road to the Blackwall Tunnel is also closed due to emergency repairs by Thames Water.


As a result all the traffic which normally travels via the Blackwall Northern Approach has been rerouted via Mile End Road and Burdett Road. So we have gridlock and crawling traffic.

This is the official announcement from Transport for London - who finally got round to telling us all what is happening!
A102 (E14)
[A12] Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach (Southbound) at the junction of Abbott Road. The A12 is closed southbound at the Bow Interchange due to emergency roadworks. The southbound exit from the Bow Roundabout is for access to the shopping centre and industrial estate ONLY, there is NO access to the A12 Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach.

The diversion route is from the A12 Bow Flyover: Westbound onto the A11 Bow Road: Southbound onto the A1205 Burdett Rd: Eastbound onto the A13 East India Dock Road to the junction with the Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach.

2013-12-20 (19:06) : Traffic is queuing southbound on the A12 with tailbacks to Tredegar Road. Traffic has eased on diversion, traffic on the A11/ A13 is normal for the time of day. The A1205 Burdett Road is moving well with slightly higher levels of traffic on diversion and the A406 southbound towards Beckton is also returning to normal for the time of day. Expect delays.
The announcement fails to note that the tailbacks from the roundabout to Tredegar Road have been in place since mid-afternoon!

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